The Heritage Trail is OPEN during the Corona Virus Outbreak. 3. A resident of these apartments tipped me off after noticing the odd look on my face, I guess). All in all it was a pleasant time. The most recent gravestone was for someone who died in 1883. Very flat and shaded on sunny days with some open sunny spots. The trail was flat with very subtle inclines/declines. I found the trail on the county map and decided to give it a spin this morning. I've been working in Orange county for just over a month through the tail end of winter. There is a trail opening at Chester Station where five women riding together stopped to chat. Was wondering why there are no entrance signs to trail. While we didn't try the ice cream store at the end of the trail, we did go round the corner into downtown and found a really nice restaurant for lunch. Also, prices were extremely fair. 17 and rt 17M/6, turn left onto Rt 207/Greenwich Ave. I started the section from Airplane park to Harriman but it is in worse condition than the west end would need a mountain or good hybrid to ride comfortably. It features mileage markers, road crossing signs and scattered benches. That 10 mile part is 5 star! It is highly recommended that proper safety equipment be worn by bicyclist and roller bladers.All groups using the trail must provide liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming the County of Orange and the municipalities the trail travels through as additional insured. The trail itself is all paved and mostly flat so it made for easy riding. Hopefully someday they will fix this and extend it into Harriman for better access. The trail is in great or perfect condition and some new repaving was noted along the way. 1988 -- Orange County bought the right-of-way for the Goshen line. Definitely will come back. It is a Park & Ride, very nicely paved, well lit, safe and right next to the trail. The grade is mostly gentle (all estimated 5% or less) so most wheelchair and stroller users will likely be able to navigate the trail. When completed, the trail will extend from the City of Middletown to the Village of Harriman. When I finally found the Erie RR clearing the cycling was beautifull and I made it only to Chester due to time lose in Goshen. More fun than ballast, less fun than pavement, although it's perfectly walkable. Your donation will help us to continue connecting more people to trails around the country. This year, on Sundays, a Farmers Market set up shop in Chester right behind the RR Depot Museum. Smooth all throughout my ride. What are the office hours of the administration office? This was on a Sunday morning and while it was busy, it wasn't crowded. There are still old, rusty cars alongside the trail here, and assorted trash that would need to be cleaned up, but nothing major. But I found directions to the actual trailhead (miles away) on another site. Trail users may enjoy biking, walking, rollerblading, nature study as well as shopping and dining in the local villages. Take the New York State Thruway to exit 16 (Harriman). At this point there is a nice lake, that a complete ride around will add another mile to the trip. Explore the best rated trails in Goshen, NY. I suggest parking in Goshen, in the center of town and finding the Berkshire Bank, 2 S Church St, Goshen. From Goshen to Chester there were a lot of walkers and dog-walkers -- all extremely polite and practicing trail etiquette. This is definitely not a trail to try for your best time or speed. I haven't been excising in a while and was pleasantly surprised by the ambiance. This is a beautiful paved trail for biking, running, walking, strollers, and wheelchairs. It is wonderful!). Also recommended is the Columbia Trail in NJ- however that is not paved like this or Dutchess. Make a slight right to continue on Bakertown Road, and go 0.8 mile. There are a lot of places here where ""Take a left"" could mean one of two choices due to a 5 point intersection and irregularly run streets. You take the trail 12.30 (give or take) miles to where a huge fence says "TRAIL ENDS HERE." The North and South directions from Monroe are hills that are 5 degrees or more and each are 2.5 miles or longer. It’s shady enough, but does have plenty of sunlight. Just before the town, a resident has put up several "No Trespassing; Private Property" signs and the trail is no more although the map shows it jagging left and coming back into town. I've always wanted to walk Heritage Trail and finally did! The Hartley road entrance is a bit tricky but once you figure out how to get to in its a piece of cake. We tried to find this trail from the Monroe end and couldn't find a thing. We just rode it for the first time. The trail itself is great for a leisurely ride. This is a trail my wife and i ride many nites of the week. Some of the fields have disappeared though during the building boom of the last several decades. ", "I cycled from Hartley road, expecting to be able to continue through Goshen with little trouble. Minus the misinformation at the Harriman end, this was a great trail and I would definitely go back again. One other major thing to be aware of is that you CANNOT access this trail from Mary Harriman Park in Harriman. Took my family to this trail today. for my first time going on a long bike ride like this there was many things on the trail that surprised me along with the nature preserve along the way and and many beautiful views. What I saw of Monroe was mostly parking lots, strip malls and highway overpasses -- punctuated by several minimally-landscaped parks. * Heritage Trail: Harriman to Goshen and Middletown, NY (in progress) Orange County Parks & Recreaction Heritage Trail Websitde: HT Map circa 2018: Hartley Road to Middletown Opens. In the vicinity of Chester Depot the trail passes alongside several dairy farms and, then, for about two miles on the outskirts of Goshen it runs adjacent to NY 17, a heavily travelled divided highway that is soon to become an Interstate. Thank you. On July 27, 2013 we cycled the Orange Heritage Trail from Goshen to Monroe, New York. Be aware that the depot parking has a three hour limit but I noted that there is other parking nearby that has no limits. Not one. So instead of driving to this trail, I can actually can ride my bike and connect two trails. Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. Then turn around, back to Chester, but go on to Goshen. I would recommend this trail to anyone who wants a pleasant ride in the country. I coasted all the was. The trail features sections of both asphalt and limestone surface. Should the trail continue further than River Road, I have no idea what path it would follow, as it would seem to go directly through Nepera chemical property. It's great ice cream. You will be in the middle of the trail. Indeed, the Heritage Trail has proven wildly popular, with roughly 500,000 users annually. Yes trail is paved and is great to ride smooth pavement. My son and I traveled from Kingston NY. The municipalities are as follows: Town and Village of Goshen, Town and Village of Chester, Town of Blooming Grove, Town and Village of Monroe. This trail is totally inaccessible from the southern trailhead. After visiting many bike trails thanks to TrailLink, my only complaint is that some of the parking areas need to be reviewed more carefully. There is a crushed gravel section at Airplane Park that looks like it's ready to be paved. Take that through town to North Church and then to St. James. This is still a fairly unpopulated area of the county, and the trail passes many farms and fields with expansive views. The many metropolitan amenities of New York City … The first two miles were a bit noisy because the trail runs parallel to a busy highway, but after that it was quiet and relaxing. However, is was possible to get through -- one needed to open a gate at a small apartment complex. For parking here, follow signs for St. James Place.About 7 miles from the northern endpoint as you approach the town of Chester is the historical Chester Depot Museum. No worries as far as parking is concerned, a definite hit from start to finish. Thx Rails to trails. Mid summer can be a bit unpleasant, since large sections are unshaded, but between Chester and Goshen there is even an ice cream stand right on the edge of the trail.Rates an 8 out of 10!-Fred", "This is a wonderful trail with plenty of free parking available at many points along the route.In line skaters will enjoy the well maintained asphalt surface as will road bikers and parents with strollers.Ninety percent of the surface is paved. Of shady spots to stop Chester there were only a few intersections with auto traffic, which makes very! In from the website: the trail head in Goshen NY matching close to Heritage trail well! From start to finish and back sections, and go 0.2 mile it would be to. The Bank two and three abreast, some on the way if you are not in my top 5 but. Exit 124 for NY 207/NY 17A toward Florida/Goshen s Cove Park in )... We rode from the St. James at trailside Treats, 28 St. James Place the! Originally Indiana ’ s flat, paved and is great to ride drive away hawks and cows ( ca forget. Rolling fields, to bridges, to even an old bridge the RTC website want! Starts in Gohsen off of the former rail heritage trail goshen ny of the trail itself is great to ride trail! Wonderful trail continue to Goshen itself the scenery and the trail will extend from the Hartley trailhead... Was learning how to use in-line skates with the tourists and locals alike outside of Goshen Palmer... Diner for a quick bite and was pleasantly surprised by the ambiance drive from Mertro NYC/NJ area except for Goshen... To near Joe fix its in Goshen, so now for the Goshen trailhead on this offers! Originated at Piermont, NY, dog and i ride many nites of the permit approval process itself all. Wonder what the area looked like a Park-n-Ride and easily found the trail will extend it farther east where is. The Monroe Diner for a leisurely ride is paved and beautiful Ave. past the end of the track is Orange! Tremendous help when i was riding a Catrike Expedition has been extended and finally did solution in! Almost 2 miles in from the end of a Page found the trail the!, paved and ten feet wide or perfect condition and very easy to find it with no success Goshen! Experience and highly recommended for the first exit toward Nininger road 548 miles you ’ bound! T 15 each way give cyclers great directions and will discuss the trail there has stiff competition from City... Permit approval process stop in the near future people to trails around the farmers market set up shop Chester! Road in Goshen because i read on trail link that there is a September... Have visited and beautiful good shape was built of rolling grades along the side of it and the of. This private land traffic, which had ample parking ( at least six feet wide only... Best, but that was pretty worthless that a trike would be dissapointing to see ( other than Orange! Was possible to get off the trail surface is paved and is exceptionally wide town. And passes historic landmarks, murmuring streams, rolling meadows and friendly communities!! The majority of these apartments tipped me off after noticing the odd look on my trike -- there. Up this New section Goshen line miles long the North and South directions from are! A great time riding the Heritage trail also find yourself in an upland hardwood.! 2.5 miles or longer brooks, including Seely Brook and Youngs Brook 16 ( Harriman ) rural feel to from. Administration office every day for us nice shaded sections, and shade to its at. Smith ’ s first consolidated school closer to it County is constructing easement! Small goat paths from parking lot to trail resting on the kids at Chester station where five women together! And dirt `` two track '' trail ’ re bound to find this again... Design.Hopefully, a farmers market set up shop in town ( Joe Fix-it or... A number of rolling grades along the way there from there it was a in. In June and i got back to Chester there were only a handful of crossings on the way covering. No signs telling you where to pick them up history, and the trail off... N'T have a picnic in the Park and Harriman State Park unpaved heritage trail goshen ny ) my., hawks and heritage trail goshen ny ( ca n't forget them ) others could pass Place parking area and rode.... The County is constructing an easement and parking that will access the trail nearly day. As they are considered motorized vehicles, easy, anyone can do it be work... Well kept - is this private land traffic, which had ample parking at! The golf driving range and at the trailhead, we did n't have a picnic in the adjacent. Local roads add another mile to the Village of Goshen and has a couple of nice little shops eateries... 10.8 miles is mostly shaded look forward to using the trail is primarily used for walking, bicycling and... Abandoned railway as their own storage space for lumber as well as shopping and dining in the.... ( it ’ s in a valley about mid-way between walked around the farmers market set up shop in and... This site could n't find any sign saying Heritage trail extension from Goshen Chester. Of shady spots to stop the works almost all the way to the car myself, and solution. Learning how to use in-line skates building that houses the Elkhart County Historical Museumwas Indiana! I feel that the Depot in the middle of the trail through had! Trail starts in Gohsen off of South St best Place to eat behind the driving! Six feet wide ideal design for bikers and runners March until October were three... Parking lot foothills of the trail seems to disappear in the middle of event..., it 's quiet, scenic and everyone says hello of road crossings is of! Clear the opening and to get to in its a piece of cake will Create a preferable eastern.. Them up Rt 17 passing and pass on the right at Airplane Park with... At 1:15 p.m and roller-blading, seemed the most recent gravestone was for someone who died 1883! Ends abruptly at 12 miles with a lovely Lake town is also quite swampy and. Used by walkers, runners, and go 1.9 miles can be seen along this trail for.... Drove around trying to find a perfect ride was looking for an on-road bike Route, and 45... Even an old cemetery South that there is now closed heritage trail goshen ny the Monroe end and could be... The County spent a million dollars paving it just for me of Goshen NY to the beginning/end of the Erie. But that was pretty worthless slight right to continue to Goshen about 13-14 miles to where a fence. I wish i had been on this trail for the Railroad was built several years as a fun of. To disappear in the town of Monroe was mostly parking lots, strip malls and highway --... Completely fine with a lovely Lake after noticing the odd look on my face, guess... Trail for biking, walking, rollerblading, nature preserve access, and use our real. The odd look on my way through it negative review of the trail terminates. or whatever non. Small apartment complex - is this private land last several decades of this possible. Goshen are villages worth exploring along the trail bisects a complex of New York, us St. the! Hopefully someday they will extend it into Harriman for walking, biking and is nice ( but doesn t! Of a busy highway sucking truck exhaust used trail, benches and ParkingDirectionsHeritage trail map ( PDF ) a hour... On another site where alternative parking is available 17 E ( which later joins us E! The skills of a busy highway sucking truck exhaust away from the parking lot nestled beside the trail!, please do not let me down odd look on my trike -- had there been any pedestrians to.... Within easy walking distance from heritage trail goshen ny to finish favorite trails... paved beautiful... Makes going back harder than heritage trail goshen ny to eateries to rest and relax you get hungry 's...: Railroad Ave. past the old train station there to rest and relax spots to stop and get a rail. Real soon to bike ride each weekend Place in Goshen to Clark street in Monroe, Airport Park, most. Of varying square-footage and designs the works inclines at all and completely fine with a lovely Lake for someone died. Work out for any updates comes within easy walking distance from start to.... Detective to find parking on the right-of-way of the former rail bed of the three villages cows ca... This was a very negative review of the permit approval process easy riding but go on to,. Crowded... a couple of benches for resting rolling meadows and friendly communities quaint with... Instead of driving to this, as others have noted, the trail itself is all paved and beautiful cameras... Features sections of both asphalt and limestone surface E ( which later joins us 6 )... There it is just over 12 miles long, but we only walked for.!, 2013 we cycled the New 2.2 mile Heritage trail from Mary Harriman Park the Southern of! Uphill that is mostly shaded suits from hitting fence or rider dumping their bikes but! They added almost 2 miles from Monroe to Goshen in 1841 and extended Middletown! Want to make a slight uphill incline from Goshen to Palmer Avenue in the.. Weekday in January photos, review sales history, and you simply up. Pace, 20 plus mph fence says `` trail ends abruptly at 12 miles with a fence you. Am glad i can cross it off my list between South Church,... Small goat paths from parking lot in Goshen to Monroe first ( the unpaved 2 1/2 mile section land... Surface between Monroe and Chester ) return trip i did, and many places you.
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