The Shure SE530's are known for having a rolled off treble which can make music sound a bit un exciting or dull to some people. On the bright side, the earbuds are a joy to wear. See our review of the SE215 here.The SE425s come in at $299, so they are not for the light of wallet. Lastly, you’ll get a quarter-inch adapter if you’d like to use the Aonic 3 for monitoring purposes. MAJORHIFI may get a commission from retail offers. I previously mentioned how great vocals sounded on the Aonic 3, and they really are fantastic, especially when they reach the upper treble range where the most detail can be heard. You’ll get a full range that might not be texturally pleasant, but wholly accurate to the mix. If all you care about is sound quality and want to ditch the wires, these are the best-sounding true wireless earbuds you're going to find. The soft rubber of the nozzle makes it comfortable to wear the earbuds on the ear. The manufacturer's reputation for professional-grade products oozes out these. Much about this headset is a little cumbersome. The company's E2C model was my first real step to a love of better in ear headphones. Power through daily life without dropping a beat. I shouldn’t say I was surprised by the staging and imaging, because I always expect good things from Shure, but I was still impressed with both width and separation on the Aonic 3. He loves horror movies and emo music. It’s not an immediate comfort as they take a little while to break in, but finding your perfect tip combination will make or break this earphone fit for you. The Aonic 3 shows the most depth in this range, as guitars, synths, and percussion elements layer over each other nicely, and with excellent transparency. Their sound tends to be clear and crisp with powerful bass. Shure’s new range of SE215, SE315, SE425 and SE535 earphones are the (fairly) new kids in town, and in this revolution the SE215 have arguably gained the most of … Shure SE215 Review To own Shure SE215 is an added advantage to the user because it has a unique design that fits on the ear without any interference. Shure has a long history of making great audio products, but it’s never been the go-to brand for most consumers. Each installment offers a satisfying sound that audiophiles and common listeners can enjoy. Considering these cost $229 USD at the time of this review, I expected a more streamlined approach to the user experience. Alex is a sound designer and voice-over artist who has worked in film, commercials, and podcasts. The Best Earbuds (In-Ear Headphones) for 2020. This cable transforms the company’s wired into wireless ones with a slew of high-quality codecs … COPYRIGHT © 2020 SoundGuys, All Rights Reserved. Isolation performance is underwhelming, but that can change with the type of tip you use, so don’t worry too much if this seems a little lackluster at first. The microphone is embedded into the adapters, which lies behind the ears, and the quality is inconsistent. One of which comes from the Aonic series brand of earphones, the Aonic 3. Ear tip selection plays an important role in comfortability. Compared to the SRH145, the SRH240A: has a wider frequency range – which allows for a more detailed sound. Similar to the SE215, the AONIC 215 are worn over the ear because of the a hooked design. Shure SE846 Review - What are the SE846? The Aonic series has become one of the highlights of Shure’s current run of consumer headphones. Inside the hard case, you’ll find a variety of different ear tip styles and sizes. Experience comfort and immersive audio wherever you go while hearing music the way it was meant to be heard. Shure nailed the sound quality aspect of the SE215 wired earbuds, and adding a true wireless adapter with AAC and aptX support shows that it can nail wireless audio quality too. Shure SE846 Review: Sound Isolating Earphones. This is great for safety purposes—it lets you hear your surroundings—but I would have preferred the ability to skip tracks. The rubber tips provided the most comfort when getting the right sweet spot for them, with the foam tips coming in at a close second. I found that plugging the Aonic 3 into a pair of computer speakers through 3.5mm inputs was the more intended listening experience for this specific model. “Let our rigorous testing and reviews be your guidelines to A/V equipment – … Both Jabra and Apple’s earbuds afford a more enjoyable user experience, and greater convenience than the AONIC 215. The earphones sport Bluetooth 5.0, which yields a stable connection and greater power efficiency than Bluetooth 4.0 products. If you’re looking for quality active noise cancelling, the Shure AONIC 50 are a pair of wireless over-ear headphones that have the absolute best ANC on the market. We achieved this number by playing music at a constant output of 75dB until the battery died. Shure Overview. Shure also includes a single pair of bright yellow foam sleeves, which is something I don’t see very often. 4.0 out of 5 starsBest earphones, but disappointed that for the high price the in-line volume control doesn't work with Galaxy S7 Edge Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2018 These are my third Shure earphones. I read user reports regarding issues where the left earbud disconnects or doesn’t connect at all, but I never experienced dramatic connection issues. It also contains a built-in microphone for taking calls. You need to manually power them on every time. A single tap on the button lets you pause or play your music, but there aren’t any other playback controls here. The housing here is a little bit thicker than Etymotic’s architecture but still consists of a long stem and nozzle. In times past you’d have expected earphones from Shure to sound exceptionally detailed and rhythmic, but perhaps a little on the lightweight and clinical side. Shure’s SE535 in-ear headphones sound great and are quite accurate, facilitating EQ to suit just about anyone’s taste. 8,122 reviews scanned The 10 Best Abc Audio Earphones 4,153 reviews scanned ... Shure SE425 Wireless Earphones with Bluetooth 5.0, Sound Isolating, Silver (SE425-V+BT2-EFS) 7.8 Shure makes a rare misstep with its new Aonic 215 Wireless earphones ($279) and RMCE-TW1 Wireless Secure Fit Adapter ($229). Overall this is a simple, but well-constructed design that should appease most listeners. Upper-bass and low-midrange notes are reproduced with great accuracy, and the slight amplification of upper-midrange and treble notes is a good thing for most consumers: it makes it easier to hear detail like your favorite vocalist’s vibrato, or vocal sounds. This is where the Aonic 3 really excels for me. This is Shure’s first earphone that uses dual-driver hybrid setup – a balanced armature and a dynamic driver. The range includes models for home and studio recording, monitoring, and … Separation is also done impeccably well for a pair of earphones, especially in the mid-range where I thought vocals got a major spotlight. For example: the charging case. The MV5C Home Office Microphone enhances speech audio quality for video conferencing with simple setup. That said, they come up short in almost every other aspect of what you'd want from a pair of portable buds. The cable is thick, heavily rubberized and detachable which makes them feel like premium in-ears. This is pretty typical of low-density foam, so you may want to grab some third-party tips compatible with the Shure SE215 if you’d like better isolation performance. I haven’t exactly painted the picture that these are “must-haves” so far, but that really changes when it comes to sound quality. While the earbuds do a good job passively isolating some of the higher frequencies, low hums will sneak through. The Shure 535s are, without doubt, one of the best pairs of earphones I've ever heard in terms of audio quality, transparency, and pure audio joy. The build of the Aonic 3 is your standard wired earphone, nothing all that fancy going on here. Frequency response reaches between 22Hz-18.5kHz which is a tiny bit below the standard but shouldn’t affect sound quality too much for this earphone. The question here is what can the Aonic 3 do to differentiate itself with not only other models in this line, but other earphones in this $199 price range as well. Transparency mode isn’t even that effective; I could barely hear my environment with it was enabled. The Shure SE215 look identical to the higher-end Shure SE315 and Shure SE425. Whether you call them earbuds, earphones, or in-ear headphones, check out … The cables are attached to both the ear cups and run for approximately 2 meters in length. Once I’d selected the right size and type of ear tips, the 215s were so comfortable to wear and a big improvement on the wired earphones from Shure … The bass response is nearly perfect as it follows the line of platonic ideal at 0dB. Where most other premium true wireless earbuds rely on magnets to keep the case shut, these have a zipper instead. Inside you’ll recognize Shure’s branded hard case, as well the earphones themselves sitting in their plastic inserts. The only weird thing I found with the frequency response has to do with treble notes, which you can see in the graph as the line dips just before 20kHz. The earbuds look and feel premium, and the audio cable is thick, heavily rubberized, and detachable. Even still, the highs sound really good and cymbals and hi-hats have just the right amount of reverb, but a critical listener will perceive this as “missing” detail. If you like a flat response, you’re going to like the Shure AONIC 215. Operating the multifunction button is great, but its functionality is very limited and can’t yet be remapped in the ShurePlus PLAY app. SRH Headphones offer excellent sound quality, comfortable designs and legendary Shure sound. Imaging is accurate, as each element is strictly placed in the position it’s meant to, operating a full sounding range of sonic clarity. Last week, Shure invited me to audition 2 of their premium earphones, the SE846 and the KSE1200, at the Stereo The Headphone Concept Store Westgate outlet. Creative Aurvana Trio: Creative's triple-driver headphones put 1MORE's to the test. The package includes useful extras such as a case, a … DISCLOSURE: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to, affiliated sites and sponsors. If you’ve purchased an Aonic product before, this packaging might be familiar to you. Wait for the Shure AONIC 215 to appear in the. The MMCX cable supports a three-button control system that can play/pause your tracks and increase/decrease volume. My way of coming across the SE535s was via a path of simple curiosity after reviewing the technically exceptional $2,999 KSE1500 electrostatic earphones from Shure: I … This isn’t even the lowest resistance model of the Aonic earphone line, but Shure has included a jack anyway to delight amp users alike. No volume controls and can't skip between songs. The Shure SRH840 are over-ears headphones that encase your earlobes with foam-filled fake leather pads. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Email. This earphone presents a full range of mid bands that provide clarity and some surprising richness. The Shure AONIC 215 true wireless earbuds are the company’s take on what a good sounding pair of true wireless earbuds should be, but what is that, exactly? 0. If your heart is set on true wireless in-ears, check out our list of the best noise cancelling true wireless earbuds. While they fit nicely and passively block out a lot of high-frequency sound, noises like A/C units and car engines easily cut through the earphones. The earbuds are very comfortable for all-day listening. Acoustic design: … The build is very nice and sturdy. The nozzle has no lip, but it’s particularly easy to change up ear tips as they slide onto the apparatus easily. These earbuds are basically the Shure SE215 earbuds attached to adapters—which may sound a little lazy, but if you hve a stellar product to begin with, this is the exact right approach to take. Instead, Shure went with a huge case. The housing doesn’t protrude out too far either, it seems like its the right compact size for an adequate fit. The Shure AONIC 215 ear hooks fit snugly behind the ears. It plugs directly into a MAC or PC with supplied cables via USB, allowing the user to listen through the computer’s built-in speaker, an external speaker or headphone output. I couldn't be more excited to do this review of the Shure SE846. One major downside to these is that they don’t automatically power on when you remove them from the case. True wireless adapters are compatible with other Shure in-ears, Cumbersome charging case Unlike the charging case, every aspect of the earbuds and their adapters are designed very thoughtfully. You’re then ready for playback. The Aonic 3 takes an Etymotic style stem design, which is a hit or miss design for some. Shure SE315 Review. Part of the AirPods‘ allure is the compact, nature of the case. The case charges via USB-C, and gives you three extra charge cycles before it requires a top up. The charging case is frustrating, and is far from portable. If there’s two things Shure is good at, it’s make reliable microphones, and wildly-underrated in-ears and headphones.. As someone who has tried many, many true wireless earbuds, these have the best sound quality of any pair I’ve tried to date—and it’s not close. Most Shure headphones do … Originally a supplier of radio parts kits, they quickly found success with the manufacture of microphones. The benefits of a gently amplified upper-midrange response come across in the song Hard to Explain by The Strokes, when Julian Casablancas’ are audible and never hard to hear above the band’s instruments. It’s hard to argue with the Shure Aonic 5’s accurate, flat response audio performance, but the price for these wired earphones feels a bit too high. They have the same angled earbuds to better fit the contours of your ears and a pseudo-ear-hook design that makes them a stable choice for sports. Shure Aonic 3 Earphone Review The Aonic series has become one of the highlights of Shure’s current run of consumer headphones. Utilizing a hard plastic construction and a durable removable cable, these earphones are strong enough to withstand daily abuse, while the MMCX connection ensures clear delivery. Shure AONIC 4 Review: Wired Earphones for the Musically Articulated by Chester Tan October 10, 2020 After completing the review of the Shure Aonic 5, I now move on to provide my detailed impressions on the Aonic 4. Clever features including wireless charging cases, noise-cancelling and touch controls are all boxes that can be ticked by earbuds that cost less than the Shure Aonic 3s. Still, controlling playback from the adapter behind my ear instead of directly on top of my ear canal is a huge improvement over competing models. These support AAC and aptX (SBC, too, of course), so you can appreciate high-quality wireless playback whether you’re rocking an iOS device or an Android phone. If you know what you’re getting into with the Aonic 3, you’re sure to have a pleasant listening experience. However, if you want a pair of true wireless earbuds for your morning commute, these aren’t for you. Unless you have exceptionally small ears, they’ll obscure the adapters from view. When you the voice prompt say, “connected,” power on the left earbud. Shure has remedied this quandary, at least for its customers, thanks to the Shure BT2. Shure Aonic 3 Review - Updated classics Shure is not a company that takes refreshing its earphone and headphone line lightly. For audiophiles who want the absolute best sound quality, the 535s can certainly do a job as everyday earphones. But these puppies will set you back a … Although this measurement falls short of the official eight-hour playtime, you’re likely to reach that mark if you listen at lower volumes. Engineered from decades of experience supporting music legends, the AONIC 3 Sound Isolating Earphones feature striking full-range sound in the smallest earphone design from Shure. I made sure to try 1 of each pair, and they all had varying levels of pleasure. Connecting to the Shure AONIC 215 is simple. It’s not all bad news though, because the Shure AONIC 215 are stacked with high-quality Bluetooth codecs. Unless you have an audiophile friend (or you are that audiophile friend), you probably haven’t come across too many Shure products. It’s not noise-canceling but tries to emulate the effect without significantly hurting Shure’s desired sound signature. Choosing between wired and wireless earbuds is a pain: yes, wireless ‘buds are convenient but the sound quality is sub-par, and wired ones sound great for the price but tangled cables are aggravating. And while the radical shift in design might be tough to adjust to if you're used to stock earbuds, the Shure SE215 will assuredly (ahem) help you … by Chester Tan March 28, 2019. by Chester Tan March 28, 2019. The Shure AONIC 215 are unlike your average true wireless earbuds: most true wireless earbuds are a single unit, which means that all the hardware is built into each earbud, but that isn’t the case with the AONIC 215. The sound isolating design blocks out background noise for an immersive, true-to-life experience - perfect for the stage or the street. Premium features like transparency mode are a pain to use too. They use a single balanced armature of undisclosed size and incorporate sound-isolating technology that reduces up to 35dB of ambient noise. has an over… Shortly after shipping began, Shure cancelled all outstanding orders. Those of you who have followed the development of the site for the past few years will know that I have a major love of Shure earphones. The Shure AONIC 215 ear hooks fit snugly behind the ears. Don’t use these during your next workout though, because they lack an IP rating. You can check how much juice is left by pressing the indicator button on the back of the case. Pros: Accurate signature, ear tip selection, Isolation. The buds will be already attached to their cable, which is a 3.5mm, 1 pin detachable connector. Press the right adapter button to power the right earbud on. Each installment offers a satisfying sound that audiophiles and common listeners can enjoy. Our award-winning earphones take audio to the next level, on every level. Shure in-ears are used by professionals across the globe but the true wireless trend isn’t just for average users anymore. They also have an ear-hook design and angled earbuds that better fit the contours of your ears. The Aonic 3 comes in its signature circular packaging that stands upright, giving the box a nice display. I found 3 sizes of foam tips and rubber tips, even a single pair of triple flange tips as well. You need to: The Shure AONIC 215 can be disconnected from the adapters, and any Shure earbuds can be popped in its place. In our testing we got exactly 7 hours, 5 minutes of constant playback. For those of you who spend your days on Skype calls, these aren’t your best option. They fit snugly and don’t cause ear fatigue, even after hours of wear. The Shure AONIC 215 are unlike your average true wireless earbuds: most true wireless earbuds are a single unit, which means that all the hardware is built into each earbud, but that isn’t the case with the AONIC 215. It won’t entertain everybody, but I found these lows to be precisely balanced, and while not giving the timbre much lift or impact, fulfills an overall more even tone. For daily use earphones, consider the Jabra Elite 75t or the Apple AirPods Pro. The wrap of the cable around your ear takes a minute to adjust, making a secure fit obtainable but with some effort. Instead of skipping to the next track, a double-tap  instead enables transparency mode. I tested the track “All The Pretty Little Horsies” by Current 93 and the Aonic 3 delivered the sinister whispering vocals and crispy acoustic guitar with great transparency, giving the track a preferred immersive effect I look for when delving into this album. It’s amusing that Shure would include a quarter-inch adapter of the Aonic 3, since they’re very easy to drive at only 28 Ohms of resistance. They sit approximately in the middle of the SE range, which includes the following models: SE112, SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535 and SE846. This is fine since most people lose the ability to hear notes that high, but I can tell that high notes aren’t as clear as they should sound. Editor’s note: this review of the Shure AONIC 215 was updated on November 23, 2020, to include links to relevant articles. I’m glad Shure sees the value in different styles of ear tips, as they can have a great effect on comfort and sound quality. I precisely raised the lower bass, upper midrange, lower and upper treble volume according to my perceived hearing. The Shure AONIC 215 earbuds sound great but that’s about all they do well. While the low end is definitely present, it’s far more accurate than other true wireless earbuds. You can hear this in the song Generator ^ Second floor by Freelance Whales, when the bass at 0:45 doesn’t mask any of the stringed instruments that carry the melody.
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